Booking appointments

You are able to book an appointment in the following ways:

  • By telephoning 01485 572769
  • At our surgeries in person

We work as a team at the Practice offering the first available appointment with the most appropriate clinical professional (for the problem you are presenting with at the time you request the appointment), this may not always be a Doctor.

Genuine emergencies and patients who need immediately necessary treatment will always be seen on the same day.

Making an appointment with another clinical professional such as a Health Care Assistant, or Nurse does not mean you are unable to see or are being prevented from seeing a Doctor.

If the problem or request you are presenting with needs GP investigation or input, this will be available.

Appointments for test results

You do not normally need to make an appointment to discuss test results unless you have been explicitly told to do so.

Please note, you will no longer be contacted if results such as x-rays, smears and blood tests are normal.  

In the event of a test showing anything abnormal we will contact you.


We regularly monitor the number of wasted appointments (called a “DNA” which means “did not attend”).

Please ensure that you cancel any appointment that you cannot make as soon as you are aware you will be unable to make it.

The sooner you are able to cancel, the more likely it is we can offer the appointment to someone else who can use it.

We reserve the right to remove patients from the list who continually fail to attend pre-booked appointments without cancelling in good time beforehand, or without any other reason.

Thank you for working with us to avoid wasted appointments.